Friday, 17 May 2013

WAEC Nov/Dec 2013 GCE Examination Registration Guidelines and Instructions

WAEC Nov/Dec 2013 GCE Examination Registration Guidelines and Instructions

The registration exercise for the WAEC November/December 2013 WASSCE (GCE) for private candidates has already begun. This exercise will continue until July 7, 2013. It is therefore very important that all interested candidates take the necessary steps to get registered. For you benefit, we are providing below the necessary steps to get registered:
Every candidate needs a
Registration PIN (code) for online registration for this examination. Candidates must begin their Registration by enrolling their fingerprints and capturing other personal information using the Biometric Data Capture (BDC) software. If you have a fingerprint scanner, Click here to download the BDC software you can visit a Registration Centre to get this done. Your Surname, First name and other names must be captured using the software.

Your bio data including Gender, Disability (if any), Marital Status, Maiden Name (if applicable), Date of Birth, Nationality and State of Origin must be entered for registration purposes. Your name must not be less than 40 characters including spaces between your surname, first name and other name(s). If you are not disabled, you must enter NONE in the space provided.

You must upload your passport photograph to the WAEC website. In order to do this, you have to scan your passport size photograph. This photograph must be taken with a white background. It must be a recent photograph in Joint Portable Exchange (JPG or JPEG) format. The photograph that you upload will be printed on your photo card and certificate. The photograph must have a dimension of exactly 275 x 314 pixels. It must not be more than 15 kilobytes and not less than 7 kilobytes in size. You are provided with a link to validate your photograph during the registration process.

You must provide your contact information including telephone, email, residential address, residential city, residential state, postal address, city and state. Please be informed that the provision of Telephone number is compulsory because it will be used in contacting you if the need arises.

You will then select the state and the town where you wish to write the examination. The system will automatically assign an examination centre to you. It IS NOT possible to change your chosen town after submission. So, be sure of the town before you input and submit it.

Compulsory subjects for this examination such as English Language and Mathematics have been automatically selected for you. However, you have to select the other subjects you want to register for in this examination. You are allowed a minimum of seven (7) subjects and a maximum of nine (9) subjects inclusive of English Language and Mathematics inclusive.

Next, you have to read the declaration section of the form carefully and check (tick) the checkboxes before finally submitting your form. It is not possible to submit your form without completing the declaration section.

Finally, you need to submit your completed registration form. You do this by clicking on the ACCEPT button. A display of the preview of your details will appear on screen. You must review your completed application and click the EDIT button if you need to modify anything on your form. To save your application on your computer click on the SAVE button. This permits you to make any other changes on your application form later on. You are permitted to modify your application but not more than three (3) times. When you are ready to submit your completed application form, click on the SUBMIT button. Please note that you  will not be able to modify your application after you click the SUBMIT button.

After you have successful completed and submitted of your registration form, the registration system will automatically generate a centre for you and produce your examination number. You must immediately print the admission notice/photo card because you will not be allowed into the examination hall without it.

NOTE: You may want to download and print a copy of the online registration form. This will enable you to appreciate it and complete it so that you can have all your information handy as you begin the online registration. To download the form, CLICK HERE NOW.

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